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We are alumni and fans who have voluntarily contributed to the site in order to have Sky Ryders history, scores, competitions, photos and memorabilia available online. This is an all volunteer project and no funds are derived from this website in any form. The site is dependent upon material submitted by outside contributors. The webmaster posts the material in somewhat organized categories and promotes the site through link exchanges and other online advertising media. No money is spent on the project and none received; this website is built solely by "sweat equity".

The sites purpose is to serve as a database for all Sky Ryder information and history and will not serve to duplicate any other Sky Ryders site. We will keep a list of names on this site that are collected of years and positions marched but the email addresses will be archived after several months of listing. This action will eliminate any duplications between other Ryder sites and this site.

Sky Ryders Winter Guard is still actively competing and have just recently finished the season. "The winter guard just finished up their 2006 season in Dayton, Ohio on April 7th. We made semi-finals and finished 20th in Independent A (our highest finish ever and only 5 spots out of finals).", Ann Duncan, Director, Sky Ryders Winter Guard. The address to their website is provided below.

We may sell Sky Ryders t-shirts in the near future, however, the website and its webmaster will not profit at all, not one red cent. The t-shirts will be made by an independent t-shirt company as a courtesy for our alumni and fans.

Sky Ryders Winter Guard is here>

Please, please, please alumni and fans contribute, so all may enjoy. I'll publish ASAP.

To my brothers and sisters:

We'll be back... someday, somehow, somewhere...

Greg (Soprano 1980, 1981 and 1982).

To the Bayonne Bridgemen Alumni who have activated; and all the other great, currently inactive corps we marched with: We empathize, we all loved you, and still do. Please see Announcements. We'll all be back, someday, somehow, somewhere...

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