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>>> New Reunion Info Here 7-10-07 <<<


(1.) >>>Drums Across Kansas !!!<<<

Hutchinson, KS Show July 26, 2007 Thursday- Gowans Stadium (see pic below)

>>>A Standstill for the Show is Now Forming<<<

Party to Follow after the Hutch Show

Drum Corps in Competition: Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, Crossmen, Mandarins, Seattle Cascades and the TROOPERS!


(2.) 1st Reunion For Sky Ryders Alumni and Family!!!

Hutchinson, KS July 28, 2007 Saturday

Lunch: BBQ Picnic in Hutch

Evening Sky Ryders Reunion : Grand Prairie Hotel in Hutch

Please see the Informational Page about both events >>> here <<<

(3.) >>>The Sky Ryders DVD Project!<<<

(4.) Attempt to form a Standstill at Drums Across Kansas

>There will be G bugles available<

Sky Ryders Drum and Bugle Corps is currently inactive since the last season of 1993 but come from a long tradition of marching. They were formed in 1955 under the sponsorship of Lyle Rischel American Legion Post #68 in Hutchinson, Kansas. The competitions were associated with the Great Plains Drum and Bugle Corps circuit where Sky Ryders placed first in the Kansas State American Legion Championships in 1959, '60, '61, '62 and '64. The corps finished top ten in the American Legion National Championships in 1959, '60, '61 and '62. Sky Ryders tied first place in Houston during the American Legion contest in 1979 with the Long Island Kingsman scoring 76.80.

Sky Ryders entered the world field with Drum Corps International's first competition in 1972 placing twentieth. They reached DCI top twelve in 1982 and finished finals that year in tenth place, marking the first time of making top twelve. The corps finished top twelve in another five years: 1983, 12th; 1986, 9th; 1987, 12th; 1988, 12th; and 1991, 12th.

Sky Ryders Drum and Bugle Corps moved to Texas in 1990 and was the last corps in the state to place top twelve in DCI (1991). 1993 marked the last time Sky Ryders competed on the field finishing twentieth in DCI Quarter Finals.

Several Drum Corps Hall-of-Famers have emerged from Sky Ryders Alumni including the late George Tuthill, John Simpson and Steve Vickers. Many of our alumni knew them and they were all well very talented and well-liked.

George Tuthill was a Sky Ryders Drum Corps Alumni and elected into the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame in 2000. George began his drumming career with the St. Anne's Cadets in 1957 as a snare drummer along with the Fairlawn Police Cadets and the Hawthorne Caballeros. George became the assistant drum major with the Hawthorne Caballeros and served from 1972 until 1978. Mr. Tuthill was percussion arranger and drum instructor for numerous corps including Sky Ryders, Garfield Cadets, Blessed Sacrement, Cavaliers, Hawthorne Caballeros and Long Island Sunrisers. George judged with the Mid-Atlantic, All-State and DCI Judges Association. George Tuthill served as Executive Director for Hutchinson, KS Sky Ryders Drum Corps, Kansas City Sky Ryders Drum Corps and the Argonauts. He will be sadly missed.

John Simpson was a Sky Ryders Alumni who taught school from 1969 until his retirement in 1999 and elected into the Drum Corps Hall of Fame in 2000. John Simpson played with Sky Ryders Drum Corps in 1954 as well with the United States Air Force Drum Corps and the Skyliners Drum Corps. John instructed Sky Ryders, Bridgemen, Star of Indiana, Troopers, North Star and Yankee Rebels drum corps. Mr. Simpson also served as a brass consultant for the Hawthorne Caballeros.

Last but definitely not least is Steve Vickers. Steve has always been actively involved in drum corps. Steve is a Sky Ryders Alumni and was inducted into the Drum Corps Hall of Fame in 1994. Steve Vickers has produced and owned Drum Corps World since the 1970s. Steve still publishes Drum Corps World and remains one of Sky Ryders Drum and Bugle Corps' most distinguished alumni.

Gowans Stadium, Hutchinson, KS 

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