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Febuary 1, 2007


Drums Across Kansas!!!


Hutchinson, KS Show July 26, 2007 Thursday

Party to Follow after the Hutch Show


1st Reunion For Sky Ryders Alumni and Family!!!

Hutchinson, KS July 28, 2007 Saturday

Lunch: Picnic in Hutch

Evening Reunion : Grand Prairie Hotel in Hutch


This is Gil Searcy's response to Craig Coldren:
Mary told me about the upcoming reunion and I'm glad to help in any way that I can. If we are going to produce a reunion DVD I'd like to start getting the source material together as soon as possible. You may ask people to send me whatever materials that may be available and they would like to contribute. I can handle virtually any type of source material that may come my way. However, to produce a high quality product a few tips might be in order.

1. If pictures are scanned, please scan to a resolution of 300 dpi, save as .jpg with no compression (if available). Don't worry about the condition of the photo, I'll go through and restore/correct as necessary.

2. If you are sending video, please contact me directly for further information regarding size and proper codec.

3. Audio can be sent in any format, please use as high quality compression as possible (anything 44k+)

4. If folks have source material on VHS or DV I can convert them, also don't worry about video quality as this can be corrected to a large degree.

5. My bulk email address for large files is If anyone has a huge file (50meg+) give me a call and I let them know where to upload.

6. If people just want to send me their material directly, I'll be glad to scan, etc. and return the material to them. I'd like to gather as much source material as we can from as many years as possible, don't know what is out there, but somebody should have it tucked away in a shoe box somewhere.It's always better to have too much material than not enough....

It would be really interesting to get some comments from key people through the years on audio discussing their experiences with the corps and use that as part of the sound track. Any rehersal tapes, judges critiques, etc. might provide us with some great material.

Any help that you may provide in gathering material will be greatly appreciated as I'd like this to be special for everybody involved. I've attached a copy of something that I've been messing with- taking the concept of the old Ryder decal and freshening it up, if we change the text around the outside to reflect the reunion, it might make an interesting t-shirt. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Hope all is well with you. Let me know how I may be of assistance.

Best regards,


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Simpsonville, SC 29681

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