Sky Ryders Alumni


Sky Ryders Drum & Bugle Corps

Drums Across Kansas!!!

Hutchinson, KS Show July 26, 2007 Thursday

Party to Follow after the Hutch Show


1st Reunion For Sky Ryders Alumni and Family!!!

Hutchinson, KS July 28, 2007 Saturday

Lunch: Picnic in Hutch

Evening Reunion : Grand Prairie Hotel in Hutch


The First Annual Sky Ryders Drum and Bugle Corps Reunion is taking place for Alumni, Family, Volunteers and Friends in Hutchinson, KS where the Corps originated. Craig Coldren has deligently and unselfishly worked hard on delivering the first annual reunion project and he is making sure it comes to fruition.

***Email >>> Craig Coldren <<< for information about the hotel, accomodations, availability, etc. so he can plan what space will be available AND for the picnic that afternoon.

PLEASE NOTE: We are also attempting to form a horn standstill possibly with drums. ALL interested and committed please contact me here> and I will post all committed to a standstill so we know where this project stands. We may just perform the National Anthem but more could be possible depending on participation. (Break out the horns and percussion boys and girls).

We have bugles available in the key of G, however, there will be music available that will be transposed for B-flat instruments.

Tickets for the show will be available March 1.


Those Commited to a Standstill are listed below for: "STAR SPANGLED BANNER"

(alphabetically) AS OF LATE 3-20-07:

  • Buglers: (14)

  • Steve Brown- Baritone
  • Mark Crim
  • Jeff Dancinger- Baritone

  • John Garcia- Soprano
  • Don Gruver- Baritone
  • Kevin Hopkins- Soprano (tentative)

Kyle Hopkins- Soprano

J.R. Hoyer

Rob Johnson- Soprano

Roger Luty- Soprano (tentative)

John Phelps- Soprano

Wade Rackley- Contra (tentative)

Brad Shores- Baritone (bugle or drums)

Tim Wells- Soprano

Tom Wright- Soprano

Drummers: (3)

Craig Coldren- Quads (?)

Kevin Jordan- Snare

M. Kamm- as needed

MORE to come...

Sky Ryders Drum & Bugle Corps, Hutchinson, KS 2007 (c) Dallas iPod Repairs