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Sky Ryders Photo Yearbook


Sky Ryders Photo on the Steps of the Reno County Courthouse- Unknown Date

Sky Ryders Photos- Reno County Courthouse

S R Photos 1979 FinalsSky Ryders 1979 umbrella formationSky Ryders drum major directing

Sky Ryders RainbowSky Ryders Tenors

Sky Ryders Tenors 1979

Sky Ryders Equipment TruckCorps members in casual dress 1979.Sky Ryders displaying their cross sign

John Simpson Sky Ryders Horn InstructorSky Ryders member sleeping with carrot in mouth

1980 Sky Ryders Drum Corps Photos

Sky Ryders 1980 in Denver ACompetition at Denver's Mile High Stadium in 1980.Sky Ryders 1980 in Denver C1980 in Denver D

1980 Sky Ryders Individual Photos

Sky Ryders 1980 SnaresSky Ryders in 1980 googing off

1981 Sky Ryders Photos

Sky Ryders 1981 Midwest corps in Whitewater, WI

Various pictures in competition 1981Various pictures at Denver's Mile High Stadium 1981

1981 Sky Ryders Individual Photos

Sky Ryders various pictures form 1981Corps various pictures form 1981 page 2Martin Vanhinsbergh 1981 Sky Ryders soprano

Sky Ryders Photos- Kevin Wickliffe on Miami Beach 1981Photos- 1981 SnaresPhotos- Kevin Wickliffe on horse and carriage in MontrealSky Ryders Photos- Montreal 1981

1982 Sky Ryders Photos

1982 Ryders SnaresRyders Photos- 1982 Mark Anderson lead soprano

1982 Sky Ryders Individual Photos

Ryders Drum Corps Photos- Avery Family 1982Sky Ryders Drum and Bugle Corps Photos- Mark Blackaby contra 1982Ryders Photos- drill practice on the side street by the practice field Photos- on the road bus tour 1982 Sky Ryders

drum major photo 19821982 photo of mascot, animal, on tour1982 rifle photo, david

1982 photo of double rainbow behind bus1982 photo of side of bus on tour1982 photo of equipment truck parked on the continental divide outside Denver.

1983 Sky Ryders Drum Corps Photo

1983 corps photo in competition showing three rifles per member.

1983 Sky Ryders Individual Photos

Photo of Boyd Blackaby at DCI competition finals for individuals and ensembles placing 8th on contra.Photo of 1983 Sky Ryders Sanare, Denny, performing at DCI Finals Individual and Ensemble.1983 Sky Ryders Unknown Soprano performing at DCI Finals Individual and Ensemble.

1983 drum major victorSopranos having fun at a standstill in 1983.Ellie contra 1983 Sky R.Phil Clements 1983 Sky R;

Photo of drum major in 1983 wearing a members t-shirt.1983 drum major Victor in shorts.Photo of the person who took photos during 1983 marching season.

1984 Sky Ryders Photo

Ryders Photos- 1984 Midwest corps photo in Whitewater, WI

1985 Sky Ryders Photos

Sky Ryders 1985 Corps photo

1988 Sky Ryders Photos

Sky Ryders Drum Corps in Hutchinson, KS parade 1988

1988 Sky Ryders Individual Photos

Ryders Photos- 1988 colorguardSky Ryders Colorguard- 1988 colorguard practicing SSky Ryders Colorguard- 1988 posing for photosSky Ryders Colorguard- 1988 Mark Allen

Sky Ryders Drum & Bugle Corps, Dallas, TX & Hutchinson, KS 2006 (c)